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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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27 January
creative works statement

Any and all of my fanfic has open permission to dvd commentary, remix, podfic, sequel, prequel, translate into another language, or re-work in a new medium, with full attribution to sources. Please email if you do so I can see it, because I'd love to see what you've done and tell people about it.

Okay, somewhere there has got to be a statement that sounds better than that.


Favorite random non-committal or passive-aggressive noises: grr, gar, gah, geh, ger, grar (new!), bah, beh, urg, umm, hmm, huh, er, err, errr...., uhm, ah, eh, heh, and hee. Feel free to suggest more and use wisely during posting. Entire conversations could be carried on with these if applied judiciously.

The movie The Ring scares the bejeesus out of me. Nutella scares me. So do snakes. I love cookies, coffee, caffeine, and things in the sugar family.


I don't have a friending policy of any kind. Friend, don't friend, read casually, it's all the same to me. I'm easy like that. Welcome! Enjoy yourself! Have fun. Wallow in your fandom of choice. That is pretty much the only advice I think is worth the effort of giving, because if you aren't enjoying it, you're doing it wrong.


Stargate: Atlantis - I cannot say this enough--space vampires. Seriously. How is this not love?

Due South - No, they were not exaggerating about the slash. Squee Level: Critical:

Merlin - As God as my witness, the Dragon is a slasher. Go watch right now.

Star Trek Reboot - seriously, like Spock's mildly sociopathic logic wasn't the hottest thing since Sylar made cannibalism a hoped for consequence to meeting him.

The Vampire Diaries - I own my inner teenage girl. Also, holy God, Damon.

True Blood - I'd feel more ashamed but honestly? See above. Also, Bill. My love is pure and filthy.

American Idol RPS - I have no idea how to articulate it, so just audiovisualize a squee of epic proportions.

Sherlock (BBC) - I have a type, okay? It's tall, dark, and sociopathic.

X-Men First Class - Don't pretend this is a surprise.


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People For the Conservation of Limited Amounts of Indignation is credited to Pinko Punko, commentator at Lawyers, Guns, and Money; context can be found here



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