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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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finally saw captain america 2: the winter solider
children of dune - leto 1
Very shallow barely spoiler under the cut:

Bucky with his emoliner and flowing hair and sliding on the ground using his metal arm to slow himself down and his memory-angst--I didn't realize they allowed porn in movie theatres. [personal profile] lillian13 and I were almost alone in the theatre, which is awesome, because holy shit was that good for me.

...I said shallow, right? Thanks.

I want all the Buckys. All of them.

Steve walking around in a tank top is a crime, a wonderful crime, and his punishment should be to do nothing else, ever.

Nick Fury was, as usual, so badass he made an arm in a sling look like a badass fashion statement, Natasha is my favorite character ever--I mean this, I ripped Iron Man II specifically to easily rewatch the entire hall scene over and over and over--and now I want a vid with nothing but her leaving a trail of bodies and being ungodly hot doing it--and OMG SAM AND HIS WINGS. It should have been ridic, and it was--right up until he was using it, then wingfic suddenly makes sense.

...I didn't see that coming, no. Good God, Sam, do the flying thing more. That's seriously hot.

Shallow. Thank you and goodnight.

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except u hydra none for u

I'm still bitter that the Obnoxious Dick (I can't be fucked to remember his name; he was the commando that showed up everywhere) survived. I didn't even take Secretary Whoever personally, but God, I wanted to slam his face into so many things. All the things.

I think the only reason he did is that he becomes Crossbones after this. Another baddie who partners with Syn, the Red Skull's daughter, in the comics.

(Deleted comment)

not that frank grillo isn't great, b/c he's a pretty great dude, but still. manu.

the only hydra person i'm mad about is sitwell. i'm fanwanking that into secret-triple-agent or something, because that was not right.

if you stopped watching agents of shield, as so many people rightfully did, you should totally get the bullet points if you are interested. THINGS CHANGED.

My favorite part in Iron Man 2 is when she maces a guy without looking and the underplayed, "you idiot" look on her face made ME SO HAPPY.

We shall be shallow together, for lo, they are some hotass men.


Also, Maria Hill? ♥ ♥ ♥

Natasha continues to my be faaaavorite. I would like to watch her and Steve underdressed and doing hygiene things at Sam's place lots more, thanks.

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