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i forgot about this part
children of dune - leto 1
Apparently, Polar Vortices (I had to look up the plural, yes) cause amnesia, because I don't remember being allergic to everything, ever. I think I'm allergic to water.

...this is going to be a very long summer, with much sneezing and eucalyptus oil, per a coworker who swears this will cure all things. When I can smell it--once, twice between sneezes--it does have a pleasant fragrance.

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Are you sure you're not allergic to eucalyptus oil? I am and there's no way I can be in a room with it without major sneezing.

If you don't react to it - and it doesn't require an allergy to react - eucalpytus oil can indeed help one breathe if used as part of a breathing in heated air routine.

I have used it when I was trying to put off having allergies/colds cause my asthma to flare up.

It's also great for killing dust mites -- I wash my bedlinens in warm water with detergent plus a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil. (Washing with hot water would achieve the same effect, but fades colors faster and breaks down stretchy fabrics.) That said, the undiluted stuff makes me sneeze, also...

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