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lifetime brings us joy
children of dune - leto 1
Petals on the Wind trailer, sequel to Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic, oh hell yes.

Shame is for those who didn't secretly read these during class during formative junior high years.

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Reading Andrews books during formative years is the reason I find the existence of the movies so terrifying.

It's like the book circle of life.

Oh I read them. I wouldn't really call the books good...more along the lines of disturbing and very memorable. I never liked the movie though...

My Sweet Audrina and Flowers in the Attic were the two best of her work. Most of the rest-were odd. My Sweet Audrina still bothers me.

I don't recall My Sweet Audrina...hm...

I am so EXCITED. This is the book that messed me up for all normal fiction. It was insane.

I would also pay money for them to do If There Be Thorns, because that was when VC Andrews just said fuck it and wrote straight up incest fanfiction.

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