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dental appointment

Because I'm kind of high and really really bored.

Top Five Indicators Your Dental Appointment Is Going South

1.) It takes three hours, not two.

2.) Half-way through, dentist makes sudden, inexplicable code-like comments to assistant, then looks at you in a soothing manner. Way too soothing.

3.) Extra novacaine is injected in Unexpected Places while he continues soothing manner. And God, that hurt.

4.) A scalpel makes an unexpected appearance and he asks you to hold really still now and don't close your mouth.

5.) They drug you *before* you leave the office in a proactive manner that's not a little disturbing.

We will never discuss this again. Suffice to say, I'm brushing my teeth five times a day from here on out.

In other news?

Go Austria!
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