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it is a very pretty tablet
children of dune - leto 1
So due to completely unexpected funds appearing--and because my Asus Tablet couldn't handle business documents--I went tablet shopping.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 32 G

My major reason for purchase was I love electronics, but functionality is being able to handle large--and I do mean large--business and design documents at work, which can run from 80 pages to 2000 pages with screenshots and documentation of code changes. I tested it against a 2.4 MB document on load and editing and it was flawless. So you know, that helped.

First off, this is a 12.2 inch screen, which is only a few inches less than my laptop. It's big, and as every review on earth will verify, it's beautiful, and I don't say that lightly. It's also, won't lie to you, not light, and while you can carry it one handed, the balance won't work at this size and I wouldn't recommend it. However, it feels solid and like I won't break it picking it up, which I like a lot. Buy a case when you get it; I got this one and no complaints at all. Plus a hand strap and close/open sleep/wake-up, which I appreciate since my Kindle does that and I'm used to it.

So far, a lot of the reviews hit everything that's good about it, and I'm still in the flush of first love, so will report back later.

....God, this thing is pretty.

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Ohh! It is pretty! :-)

I have a much, muich smaller Smasung Galaxy Tab, so this probably won't apply anyway, but: which office software do you use I'm not really happy with mine (Polaris Office).

And do you have an external keyboard? I use the Samsung Bluetooth one, which isn't bad, but does have some odd quirks I am not enthused about.

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