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okay, fine, it's a food thing

This may be the saddest reason to travel ever....

Thanks to FFA thread International Fast Food, I want to do a World McDonald's Tour. Like, all the McDonald's, everywhere, so I, too, can try the McFood Item Here.

It's not just that, though; this food tour would be all-encompassing. As someone in the thread pointed out, I live in the state of "If It Exists, We Can Fry It and Put it On a Stick (Let Us Show You How!)"; this would be like an odyssey to see all the things we have yet to fry and put in sticks (yet). I know for a fact that huevos rancheros kolaches are a thing that are delicious and also, in case you don't know this, can easily be breaded with a delicious Bisquick mix and placed, yes, on a stick, and apply deep fryer.

...I can't think of anything you can't fry and put on a stick, actually, which probably says a lot more about me than anything. I guess beverages, but honestly, I have a deep fry and a deep desire to prove it's possible, so maybe some inventions should not be in the province of humankind. Might also technically defeat the purpose of being a beverage as well, IDK.

ETA: linking [personal profile] amireal to the world of kolache, found Klobasnek, which is the non-dessert version of kolaches. I have never heard this before and I grew up in Czech/German descent households. This is so cool and surreal. Also, the picture shown there is deliciousness personified, jsyk. A less delicious (but still delicious) version is sold at the convenience store, including one stuffed with jalapeno sausage and egg and cheese and slices of jalapeno just in case you missed it in the sausage. Your tongue may scream "OH GOD WHAT DID NOT SEE THAT COMING" but your soul says "Milk please before I take another bite."

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