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movie: flowers in the attic, very short

Finally saw Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic.

Of course, it's not as good as the book, which is really saying something considering the material here. To me, it shouldn't be that hard to pull off. It's got the best shit ever: serial killer mother, poison, evil grandmother, crazy grandpa, so much pseudo-religion and incest tension watching with a family member becomes deeply uncomfortable ten minutes in. Oedipal and Jocasta complexes abound; Freud checked in and went "whoa, too much for me": seriously, what the hell.

I was in the age group as a teenager that ate these books up, the entire goddamn series, and all my lunch money went to finding and getting them after I saw the first movie. It was my introduction to my mother's expression when I asked earnestly if it was okay to have sex with your uncle or a brother (double jeopardy: she had a brother). Because I was curious and yeah, it was funny.

The movie mostly pulls off the incest-everywhere, but not in a coherent fashion. Events happen because they happen, and not from any particular relation to the plot point that went before. Except for the Chris and Cathy part, which built tension like a terrible Greek romance novel but with less choruses and more--seriously, they sold that relationship way too well, is what I'm saying. Cathy talks about how romantic it is to make out with her brother. Because that's how they roll in the Foxworth clan. There was goddamn pillow talk for crying out loud.

(Also? NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK, but I'm kind of okay with that; much less rapey and weird, more love forever, which I'm going to tell you now (SPOILERS HERE FOR LATER BOOKS) everyone knows by the end of Cathy's second marriage that Chris is pretty much her best sane, healthy choice (husband one: beats her and breaks her feet; husband two: father figure, not even kidding, and wait for it; lover: her mother's second husband). Chris won't, we think, beat her, kill her, or rape her (lover yes her mother's husband on the first date, as one does with one's mistress). I'm saying, whee, bring on the much more emotionally healthy sexual obsession with your sibling; it's just safer for everyone.

It did this well: lots and lots of Corrine and Chris (her son, btw) tension, Corrine and her own father tension, Corrine has tension with everyone in the creepiest possible way. It was also, oddly enough, surprisingly accurate to the book, though the swan bed (FUCK THAT WAS NOT THE LEGENDARY SWAN BED) was a letdown, though I need to review if the electric fence was actually canonical, and sadly, I really want to do that right now.

If you ship Chris and Cathy, this movie is totally for you. I think there might have been swelling music at key scenes? IDK.

In other news, the following have occurred: I have new headphones (v-moda M-80s, which make me want to cry from the purity of hte sound), a new cord for my old ones, and we have a cat.

For various reasons, I'm not up to explaining how we acquired a black cat (name: Jo-Jo) that is emotionally needy and affectionate (what the hell), because I'm not clear on the events that occurred between Child saying "I want a cat" and appearing before me with a cat, a lot of cat-related literature, and adoption papers while I squinted at him blankly, not sure if I was living the right life (apparently, I am?).

We have a cat. It's name is Jo-Jo. It's very, very affectionate, hates my cell phone, and kneads my chin for attention. My assumption right now is that I was taken by aliens and lost some time somewhere because we have a cat and I don't remember any comment on Child's part other than the random ass "I want a cat" and me saying "Whatever" (Should have said no? Hindsight). I read the paperwork my mother of her own free will signed and later, I sat with her and we stared at each other while she said, helpless, "I have no idea how this happened, either."

"Child," I said with a nod, staring at my completely non-alcoholic coffee mournfully. "Did he even tell you what you were signing before they handed you the cat in the carrier?"

"Yes." She stared at me worriedly. "I think."

This happens a lot more than you'd think with Child. I'm philosophical about it, because honestly? Could have been a snake.

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