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drive by thor/avengers rec: qeryana by domenika marzione

Qeryana by Domenika Marzione - For various reasons having to do with this author (I googled Marvel's entire Avengers history so I could keep up with her last series), I end up reading way more Avengers than I expected.

I like not just this view of Thor, but how Thor views this world and people in it, especially how he approaches it, with both the mindset of a god upon his (former) worshippers' world and as a visitor and equal, which isn't actually as easy to pull off as one might think. I like his explorations and observations, and here I'll just say it; of all the very good ways to introduce someone into a culture and people in an enjoyable, entertaining, and interesting way--especially if they aren't yet literate in the language--music and audiobooks are the absolute best.

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