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Okay, fic from heaven like manna? So makes me happy.

Archipelago by mintwitch, next in the Word of the Day fics. And yeah, she rocks just being able to *use* that one. And also for the story. Which is good.


What He Wants by debchan, HP. And right, so I don't read HP all that often, but it's Debchan and it's Snape/Harry, which is the pairing that I really, really think I *should* be resisting but. Yes. Blood magic and a learning curve. It's *good*.


Far Away From Close by Eve, set post Ethan, pre Brian, in which three people think and consider. I like it. I can see it perfectly, slipping right into the cracks of canon.


If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like Dixie by mintwitch, and Guh, and read. And now.

See? No soul charring *here*. None.
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