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The Toybox

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really, what the hell is this
children of dune - leto 1
....it's sleeting. I didn't know central Texas could do that.

This is surreal, like I'm in the wrong state or timeline or something. Have there been any changes in the local timespace continuum I don't know about, because seriously, a heads-up would have been appreciated.

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Could be worse, sweetie. We've been in the deep freeze all week and next week isn't looking much better. Plus, we've got more snow coming overnight. Brrrr!

Huh. If only global climate change wasn't a liberal plot.
Hot cocoa (with a shot of rum if you are so inclined) is good for these situations. :-)

Yes, sleeting here today, too. At various points during the day we went outside to stare at the sky, stared out the windows, stared at weather websites, and I came home to find my porch crunchy with ice, and thus unnerving.

And in california the lack of snow has killed skiing season and we're freaking out about our lack of rain and the impact it's going to have on crops, cattle and even (for some not me) the fines for watering the lawn. Ack.

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