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useless post of posting
children of dune - leto 1
Dyeing hair deep copper. This is the lightest I've ever tried, as I've never been tempted by the blonde spectrum. Hoping for the best.

Interesting note: after [personal profile] svmadelyn said something, I started back on prenatal vitamins and omega-3 tablets.

The first visible sign is always my fingernails and how fast they grow and how much stronger they are. Context: I type a lot, so I have to cut them or end up breaking them, but usually it take a while to get to that. This week, I broke two nails typing, because it happened about twice as fast as usual and I wasn't expecting it. (I have all my life had very, very slow-growing nails except for pregnancy and the year after Child was born.) It was both annoying and also nice, as well as a quick reminder to do a physical survey and see how I feel.

Noted by me: I feel more alert, less grumpy in the morning, and not nearly as tired during the day even if I didn't get much sleep the night before.

Noted by coworker: I'm making terrible jokes again at eight AM and talk more and am more responsive to questions and finishing things more quickly and efficiently. I also have more energy and am more willing to leave my desk to talk to people.

I know--at least semi-objectively here--that I am better in general when I take my vitamins regularly. It's like taking my thyroid medication or my ritalin; it's something that makes life better. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why every few months, I suddenly stop with the vitamins for no particular reason and then forget until something reminds me to go buy them and start taking them again. It's weird.

This has been a message from my day off to go pick up my prescription (because goddamn schedule two's are like this) and buy hotdogs from Taylor Meat Market, which have a bright red casing and are so delicious they make all other hotdogs sad and tasteless in comparison. Also, if you are a fan of macaroni and cheese with cut-up hot dogs in them, they turn your macaroni a delicious yellow-orange.

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I just bought hot dogs and pasta to make macaroni & cheese with cut up hot dogs. I am envious of your hot dogs. (not gods, typoful fingers, though isn't 'cut up hot gods' quite the visual?)

Vitamins: I should try those. They sound pretty cool.

Yeah, I've discovered the same thing since I started taking fish oil pills...stronger fingernails! They still break, just not nearly as easily. And I work with my hands a *lot*.

I have discovered that laying out all my meds the night before, right next to my glass for my morning soy milk, makes it very easy to remember no matter how rushed I am in the morning, but YMMV.

And I saw this on FB and thought of you!: http://www.wineclubreviewsandratings.com/wine-and-food/pairing-wine-with-girl-scout-cookies

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