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The Toybox

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the gift that keeps on giving
children of dune - leto 1
Child did his first cosplay at IKKiCON today.

I'd like to take a moment to glow in parental satisfaction at watching my offspring wander unselfconsciously out of the house this morning wearing firetruck red jeans--firetrucks seem rather faded by comparison--and a USA hoodie--with eyeholes--so he could join his friends as an AU version of the US from Hetalia.

...then he texted me from a Dr. Who panel while I slaved over testing an emergency release at work and thought about why again I chose to reproduce when they can do shit like that.

One day, they're babies and you're doing psychology experiments on them for class (got an A) and putting them in green velvet rompers because that shit's hilarious in pictures; then suddenly, they're almost six feet tall wearing a red that doesn't exist in nature and perhaps shouldn't.

Life = awesome.

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AU version of the US from Hetalia.

Best sentence I will read all day. I'm calling it now.

Hechangd his mind and went for young Captain America. BUT HOODIE HAT..

My kids grew up and amazed/amaze me every day. Your kid with the cosplay, how cool is that!

When daughter two years ago went to Hanami-Con as Britain and had no problem wandering the streets of Heidelberg in her amazing costume, I knew as a mother I did something right.


Did I ever mention Child went as Jeff the Killer for Halloween? (Creepypasta meme) My kid dresses up as creepypasta meme.

Creepypasta! Daughter (in the Icon as James from Eroica) begs me to ask if he likes geeky girls and if per chance he would like to spend some holidays in Germany?

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