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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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when i say everything is against me....
children of dune - leto 1
My dogs are addicted to coffee. More specifically, my coffee.

Originally, this was a crime of opportunity--ie, the coffee was left on the floor or some low place and being dogs, sure, anything on that level is potential food, fine. Then it became a 'on the coffee table' and 'on the kitchen table' (via chair) and 'when I get up for a minute to go to the bathroom without my cup'.

This week, it escalated because I upped the ante and they need a twelve step program.

My McDonalds caramel mocha--with lid--was left on a low table outside and ran to the bathroom. I returned, cup gone, but a small white head bent down. Circling the table, I stared down at the topless coffee cup, a shrinking puddle of coffee, and crack dog stared up at me smugly with a whipped cream mustache.

Top was fine. No teethmarks. I have no idea how they did that. Whipped cream mustache.

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my sympathies. One of my dogs has decided that she likes my tea. Unlike your (much more polite) dog, she doesn't wait until I'm out of the room.

She will climb up on top of me and try to drink the tea while it is *still in my hand*. "Move, human! You're in my way again. Mmm! Mint! A touch more sweetener would have been nice." (slurps; licks chops)

Made me laugh! Thanks for that. :)

Well......sorry I have nothing.*giggiles hysterically*

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