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musically inspired in november

I seem to have finally connected with OneRepublic. It took years--and many vids--but I'm there. Which made svmadelyn happy, which of course I live to do.

This is also a testament to Pandora. All of the following came from my main Pandora playlist.

Note: All links go to youtube and my sound is wonky atm, so hopefully they are all right.

All the Right Moves - Waking Up, OneRepublic - my gateway song to OneRepublic. It's also associative--I wrote 40,000 words to this song in August, which happens, so--no idea. I thought it was a fluke, until....

Preacher - Native, OneRepublic - we could blame Apology for how much I hated OneRepublic forever, because dear God did they overplay that song everywhere. However, then I met this one and realized my mistake - they're awesome. I honestly can't tell you why I love this one, but I think the first line kind of got my attention.

Secrets - Waking Up, OneRepublic - same as above. I really have no explanation. I didn't like their music. Now I have three on my active playlists. No idea.

Ships in the Night - Young Love, Mat Kearney - this doesn't, generally, fall in to my usual listening range. It got under my radar by coming in after a Rihanna and between two OneRepublics. I haven't tried any more of his songs, but maybe I should?

The Kill - A Beautiful Lie, Thirty Seconds to Mars - I love This is War, which explains quite literally nothing since they aren't alike, but it works for me in a similar way.

If Everyone Cared - All the Right Reasons, Nickelback - I just found out who keeps Nickelback in platinum albums; that would be people like me, bopping along to Midnight City and One Less Reason and end up here. Listening to this. Realizing I've automemorized the lyrics. I have no defense except in 2002-2004 I bought one of their albums and maybe it's time I revisited--uh, a decade ago.

Sweet Caroline - Gold, Neil Diamond - blame Pandora, this appeared like, four times in a weekend on my playlist. Apparently I can really like something if you annoy me with it like a lot. Also, my mom said he was singing about Caroline Kennedy as a child, which--your guess is as good as mine, Jesus.

Clarity (feat. Foxes) - Clarity, Zedd - this is due to my sister playing the radio like forever one day and this one came on. Fantastic work music; it doesn't help me work, per se, but it does entertain my procrastination periods like whoa.

Okay, I say this--I'm weird about country music. In a very, very general way, I like some of it, hate a lot of it, and am neutral listening on most of it because a childhood in the country means this is your life soundtrack. Like R&B (or my sisters with rap), it's such a constant that I don't even think in terms of favorites unless it really gets my attention for some reason.

However. Sampling of my semi-active list.

I Knew You Were Trouble - Red, Taylor Swift - I genuinely don't like her music very often, just because I have a fairly narrow range when it comes to country-pop (blame a childhood in rural bars with jukeboxes; I can sing Waltzing Matilda and every song released pre-1980 country; it was a big deal when we got Hank Williams Jr). But I love the chorus like you have no idea. I sing this without shame but with surprise; I really didn't see this one coming.

Hard to Love - Hard 2 Love, Lee Brice - it's very catchy. And so very universal. The title alone tells you everything you need to know. It's all of us.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Tailgates and Tanlines, Luke Bryan - I've recced this before, but it bears repeat. It's the breakup sex song. Take off your leaving dress and lets' fuck like now.

Beaches of Cheyenne, - Later, Garth Brooks - I have no idea what context most of you have for bullriding or broncos, but as kid I went to rodeos that had it as well as the private version on certain ranches where I didn't know then that this shit is dangerous. It's a beautiful song, the melody is gorgeous, but for me, a lot of it is the barely-memories when I'd see people doing this and wanted to do it myself. Girls don't--didn't, not then, not sure many do now--but I did. And yes, I did see 8 Seconds and none of us walked out of the threatre not knowing perfectly well why it would be worth it.

Traveling Soldiers - Home, Dixie Chicks - my great uncles, my grandfather, many cousins of that generation were in World War II. My dad and my uncle missed the Vietnam draft, but just barely.

I have three stories:

My grandmother's brother met his wife, and I think I've told it here before, a few weeks before he was shipping out to California before he went to Europe. She was fourteen--keep in mind in this generation, we were all first, second, and third generation Slav and German immigrant stock, and most of us came over on the same boats--and oddly enough, this was about the time to stake out a future husband and wife for when you were ready to build your house. She fell in love, as one does, and one night she ran away from home and hid on the train until it was on its way, then spent those few days with Henry. She didn't think she'd ever see him again. She did, and he came home, and they got married and had two children.

This is her daughter:

She fell in love with Jimmy, but he was shipped out to Vietnam. Time passed and she thought she would never see him again, and she fell in love with another man and married him. When she was still pregnant with twins, he left her (she threw him the fuck out for reasons I'm not at liberty to talk about), and a few months later Jimmy returned. He showed up on her doorstep with his rucksack straight from Vietnam, still suffering from PTSD that would follow him his entire life, and asked to come in. She said 'welcome home'. They had a daughter together along with the twins she was carrying that they raised together.

This is my mother's brother:

He joined the army because my mother and uncles's father was a deadbeat and their stepfather was very wealthy and very abusive; the wounds healed, finally, but those scars remain. He came home and met a beautiful woman at UT from South America getting her degree. They fell in love and got married and had a child together, and when she went home to visit her family, her visa was denied. She spent a year in her home country, unable to leave due to US politics and decaying international relations in a time when being the wife of a US citizen could be grounds for official questioning in a country that was at the time unstable due to American foreign policy. They sent documents through sympathetic passengers at the airport, because there was no way to trust the mail, and among them were love letters spanning a year of their lives apart. They never gave up hope. A year later, immigration finally caught up to reality and she was able to come home. They have two daughters.

Because of You - Reba Duets, Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson - I have like, three versions of this song, but the duet is the best of them.

Strawberry Wine - Did I Shave My Legs For This, Deana Carter - one of my favorite songs ever. Just--it works for me.

Maybe It Was Memphis - Greatest Hits, Pam Tillis - I have written more fic to this than I can name, but the most recent was In the Land of the Delta, which shares space with Bruce Springsteen's, Walking in Memphis. The song is as sticky-hot Southern summer as you can possibly imagine.

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