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dude, it's way too early on saturday for this

Of the many things you expect to deal with early in the morning--eggs, bacon, sanity, underwear--it's not and never will include your mother and Child watching the entire back catalogue of Anonymous onyoutube, from Chanology to Maryville, and mouthing "We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us," and I still haven't had coffee.

This is my mother and my kid; the most likely outcome is showing up at a bail hearing because my mom figured out how to join the latest DDoS with Child and his tiny school cabal protesting something, and come on, Anonymous had a lot of protests, okay? It's like shopping; they'll scan the offerings and find one they like. I don't think the sane response is to forbid them all internet access, mostly because Mom and Child have a deeply unsettling ability to thinks sideways and this ends in wifi passcode warfare and I have a job interview on Wednesday. Just. It's too early for this.

Speaking of:

Anonymous Takes on the Maryville Rape Case - Maryville, Missouri - okay, you probably heard this one before, but don't stop there. It starts with a football player and a fourteen year old girl who is left out half-naked in the cold on her parents' porch, and an iphone recording. And later, when the family put the house up for sale after the mother lost her job after her daughter made the accusation against the football player, it mysteriously burned down.

The last part is kind of new, but honest to fucking God, is there a fucking rapescript out there somewhere being downloaded and the major points checked off? Yes, I know about the one for frats, so someone, hunt down the 1.) girl 2.) alcohol, 3.) rape, 4.) record that shit, 5.) NO ONE BELIEVES IT HAHAHA manifesto. Society does know about Wiley Coyote's failures, yet even the fact this is an ACME's InstaRape Product line, it always works. When cartoon logic makes more sense than real world, a reassessment is in order.

Youtube search results on Maryville

Also, interesting interview on Mother Jones with KYAnonymous, one of the leaders of Anonymous Steubenville and currently facing hacking charges. Those can bring up to ten years in prison if convicted, as opposed to the max of two years received by the Steubenville rapists.

Okay, so the hypothetical bail hearing, getting my kid and my mom out, I was thinking about what to tell the judge; which sounds better: "Welcome to Thunderdome", quote Anonymous, or "Okay, don't stop me, even though I bet you've heard this one before...."

It's not so early now, I still haven't had coffee, but I feel way more awake now.

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