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The Toybox

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so that was definitely something
children of dune - leto 1
Finished Black Butler I and II on Netflix.

...what the everloving hell did I just watch? I'm not complaining, but I had no idea science had advanced far enough to distribute acid via cable. That's quite a feat, and also, admittedly, I don't think my life could have had meaning if I hadn't seen Sebastian grow a cotton-tail.

I really need the manga now. Like, right now yesterday.

I have to admit, I felt horrible for him, even if he is a psychopath, and boy, they just didn't even bother subtexting anything about his life, did they? Not like the watcher didn't get it with the bath (or the very useful villagers bemoaning the poor boys' purity, Jesus), but throw in a bedroom scene just in case we mistook this for some totally platonic role playing?

Jesus, I hate Claude. The fucker.

Is there going to be a III or are they leaving me desperately confused forever in the anime version?

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Eleanor adores it and has some gorgeous figurines and chibis as well as manga and anime but made the mistake of showing me the episode with the eye gouging at the breakfast table ::whimpers::

I did like the episode where they're trying to photograph Sebastian to see who he loves or something...

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