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don't do this, google
children of dune - leto 1

On my phone and tablet, when I'm googling for something, it's changing my search terms when I start at the google homepage, enter the terms, and hit search. Sometimes, if I remember to put a space after my last search term, it doesn't do that, but that's kind of touch and go. This is new, at least for me, and so frustrating I want to scream. This is only happening on my tablet and phone, not when on my laptop.

Anyone else have this happen and how the hell do I switch it off?

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If you're using Safari in the new iOS, you could try turning off "Search Suggestions"

Startpage or the other one... ixquick? think that's right. I got the fuck out of Google over both the NSA shit and their tax avoidance, but again, I'm not as heavily committed online as thee, so my idea may not be practical. howdy anyways!!

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