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some of the animals are three by three'ing it down the road

As druidspell just posted, the Weather Gods, who are way too fucking literal here, just sent down a flood warning until 4:30 PM for north Austin. All of us at work had our phones go off at the same time and were staring at them blankly, as we are people who test the latest changes in cutting-edge technology and yet are confused by our phones squealing an ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO DIDN'T CALL IN SICK TO WORK TODAY LIKE A NORMAL PERSON ON A FRIDAY while displaying our doom on a pop-up box.

I have a liter of Mexican pepsi (made with sugar, by God), my tablet, and my phone. Provided we aren't here long enough to turn to cannibalism in a desperate bid for survival, I think we'll be okay. Though two and a half hours is really pushing it.

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