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very fast add-on rec

If you're looking for a youtube downloader that's currently working:

Youtube Video and Audio Downloader
Instructions: How To Guide

This one is fairly straightforward to use and doesn't require a restart. The instructions open in a separate tab when download and installation are complete.

It's pure javascript, which is deeply awesome, and runs off an icon in your toolbar. It is a small icon, btw. Click on the icon and a box with three tabs displays (Download, Progress, and Tools). Download tab displays drop-down two buttons: Youtube (link to youtube) and Download links. If you're in youtube already, don't bother with those. Below those are two dropdows with radio button options: left is the quality available, right is the format available (I'm showing four atm: flv, 3gp, mp4, and WebM). Downloaded the fox video recced a few minutes ago at 720p in mp4, flawless quality at first view using VLC.

My Stats:
OS: Windows 7
Firefox: 32 Bit
Version: 23.0.1

The two following aren't working for me at this time:
1 Click Youtube Video Downloader
Easy Youtube Video Downloader 7.0

The first does nothing on the youtube page and freezes firefox when I click on the Options button in Add-ons Manager; the second shows the download dropdown on youtube but it's empty. My life was dark for a few minutes there.

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