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at night. in the dark. with riddick

In my heart of hearts, I don't believe Vin Diesel has ever been in a bad movie. His very presence in it raises, refines, polishes, and perhaps one might even say transitions it into something transcending the mundanity of coherent plot and narrative flow. You can't think of his movies as movies in the general sense--like French surrealism or Japanese horror or Oliver Stone on higher quality drugs before the abyss that looked into us all in Alexander, which was like watching eight millimeter film weeping it's pain onto the screen before our terrified eyes in hopeless misery for mercy and knowing it will never, ever, ever get it because they left their king in Asia, it's--Vin Diesel. There will be film classes one day, American Vindieselism, where they examine The Fast and the Furious and weep for the complexity inherent in Pitch Black's subversion of many, many, many important things, so many I don't even have time to write them all, which--and this is totally a coincidence....

Riddick: Rule the Dark

His eyes stare into my soul whispering how many creative ways he'll kill things in the dark. And I say, "Yes, this." doesn't hurt that Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban are saying, "We kill things, too." Because yes.

You're welcome.

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