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The Toybox

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still watching for a snake, but in the meantime
children of dune - leto 1
Randomly, Child finally linked me to his tumblr account, but only with the promise I'd never follow or reblog him as long as we both live. It was extraordinarily, almost freakishly, adorable to watch him squee over an entire team of soccer players (I think?), and today, he tried to talk me into getting Converse shoes to match his.

Reproduction of actual conversation today at Academy:
"Because," he said seriously, "then I can show you to my friends."

"You said your friends think I'm awesome already," I replied, confused. "Because I'm tall. They call me Gigantor, which thanks, I do know you came up with that name."

"No, they think you're an awesome person because you are and [because of] fandom. Not how you dress."

"...how many of your friends know my username?"

Nothing about this conversation was comfortable, but I'm not sure whether I'm upset because his friends know my screennames or because he criticized my dress sense.

This is the unacknowledged downside of your username becoming your online identity and literally cannot imagine getting another one anywhere. It really makes your son's fanfic-writing (Christ) friends find you easily, and now anyone who follows me on tumblr is Possibly One of Them.

However: I honestly think half the reason Facebook makes me uncomfortable is that my RL name is there and while online, it feels like I'm pretending to be someone else. Someone boring, by the way: if you friended me on Facebook, you may notice my lack of content. Because it's the wrong goddamn name. Facebook even has its very own email account attached to it unrelated to my other ones, because again, not really me and I'm vaguely uncomfortable checking it.

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