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children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so this build at work is kind of destroying my sanity. However, the duckling testers are awesome.

Depressingly, Duckling N moved back to India--well, it's super great for her, don't get me wrong, much better job and also stopover in Dubai, which admittedly is a city I'd love to see--but depressing for me personally. All the new testers are awesome, but N was amazing--intuitive, very quick to understand how to relate what she'd done already to new testing procedures, and also ridic awesome and hilarious. I miss her in the office, and while her replacement is very good as well, she's shy, and unlike when they all first got here, I don't have the same amount of time I did with them to get to know them (also related, my tests were among those teaching them how to test, so I spent most of my days then with them and got to know them).

However, Duckling S got back this late last month from a six-week trip to India and she's picked up the slack on testing we lost with N.

My particular duckling still mocks me in French and Han--he's like that--and Ducking R has started competitive linguistic phrase identification, in which someone tosses out a sentence and we have to guess what it is or at least one language. Most of the new testers are trilingual at minimum (most of the Indian testers speak four to six) which normally might put me at a disadvantage because I'm monolingual. However, my one useful talent is memorization of useful phrases I learned in various language classes and when bored, and I can ask where the bathroom is in eighteen languages--maybe I learned a few the lsat few months, don't judge me--and none are familiar with Spanish as it's spoken on the border and in Texas.

R, however, threw us in a loop with Persian. Who sees Persian coming? And Duckling K picked up with Thai, since they like to mock me. I'm this close to hunting up an English to Wendish, even though the Wendish spoken by my great-grandparents is technically dead (and how depressing is it to realize my great-grandparents spoke four languages? This realization haunts me). I'm hoping having ethnic Wendish and Slavic in immediate ancestry will bestow racial memory or something. However, I consider this educational; between all of us, we will be able to find a bathroom in pretty much anywhere on the globe.

Okay, so work. This is gonna be fairly short yet terrifying.

The reason this build is a nightmare is it combined two massive, massive, massive things; the integration of CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan), which is for children who don't qualify for Medicaid, CHIP-P (CHIP Perinatal), which covers the fetus of a pregnant woman (yes, I know) and is almost identical to Medicaid for Pregnant Women except it doesn't cover labor and delivery (that not being about the health of the fetus?????), and 3038P, which covers labor and delivery for CHIP-P clients. CHIP-P covers citizen women, legal immigrants, and undocumented workers. CHIP has existed for over a decade, CHIP-P for less than that (I think I posted about when it was implemented) and had it's own eligibility system adn it's own database and it's own software program. All of that--all of that--is being not only converted into TIERS but the eligibility rules are also being created and integrated into the program.

Also, they're adding the first stage of ACA, which is--I won't even talk about, it's that complicated. Mostly I've been testing the above and the next thing I'll talk about below, but it's haunted us.

The third thing, however, is more personal--I was assigned Email Reminders, which is brand new functionality as well. Until Monday, three quarters of the tests were in Failed status, and in case you're curious, deployment is next Saturday and I've been working on this since June. This week, we finally got a developer (Developer T, who is ungodly adorable, it's--IDEK. He's got Sam Winchester's hairstyle and is in his twenties and is probably engaged to a ridic smart woman in India because this is my life) who came down to walk us through some of the fixes they've done to batch. Admittedly, I tried to be professional, but it's hard when he's both hot and saving all my tests from failure. Currently he's my non-platonic ideal demigod with a badge that's torn. Dear God, my life.

This week I have to finish writing my tests for the next build, try to pass everything that's still open this build (I'm going with a hopeful 85% pass), because as of August 24, I'm on vacation for ten glorious days, some of which will be spent with my family and extremely adorable Infant Niece, my officially as of this next week kindergarten Niece and Nephew, and my still-preteen Niece, and God help me, a high school junior Child. Which is insane. Just--what the hell.

I also get [personal profile] niqaeli for four entire glorious days! So you know, get through this week. I can do that.

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Did you know that your stories about testing inspired me to join the testing group at my work (they're making a new platform to handle all of our insurance policies)? I'm glad I had some foreknowledge before I got into it, and pleased that now when you say "saved my tests from failure" I 100% understand what you mean.

Thanks for expanding my horizons :-)

REALLY? *GLEE* Thank you so much for telling me! How's it going?

what you do for a living amazes and boggles me. don't get me wrong, I can take a kitchen thqat looks like a Superfun site and beat my crew into serving booyah food by lunch -- that, I know how to do. but I know just enuff about coding to shudder at the thought of it. a developing memory issue is also kind of a bad thing. yikes!! the folks who will depend on that program are lucky to have you, even if they never know it.

and when I went from cook to clerical worker (which doesn't require an actual open restaurant and customers for same, kinda scarce in these parts since 2009) stuff I picked up from you via osmosis actually made the learning massive new interface and 4 ancillary programs kinda easier. so, w00t!!

'kay. and hi, you. gonna go to KiScon this fall? prob'ly too busy, huh. *waves hello*

and when I went from cook to clerical worker (which doesn't require an actual open restaurant and customers for same, kinda scarce in these parts since 2009) stuff I picked up from you via osmosis actually made the learning massive new interface and 4 ancillary programs kinda easier. so, w00t!!

You're kidding. Really? THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME! *hugs you a lot*

thee is most welcome!! it was greatly appreciated, as I was rather at sea for the first little while. then harried and overworked -- the classics, still the best, yes? -- and now cruising pretty nicely.

so yeah. that happened. =)

Oh my god, testing. I am maybe possibly perhaps on the edge of becoming a PM and suddenly your world makes so much more (horrifying) sense to me my god.

And in context of that, you will appreciate my current pain: I've been liasing between our actual project/product manager & sales/marketing in lieu of the product marketing person we might get at some point (HA), and there's this project that ideally should have been released ten days ago. Last week, because we suck at planning ahead, we had the entirety engineering department into my office (where approximately none of them are based normally. And by approximately, I mean zero.) to do teambuilding and meetings and trainings and general talking-to-each-other-in-person stuff. Fine.

Turns out, there was one of them I had not directly interacted with prior to this, including over IM/phone/email. He may be the only one of whom that is true (max, what, 3 or something? I talk to the techs a lot, ok, and I'm serious about being on track to become a PM). Welp, he talks like he's from the internet, we had inside jokes within 24 hours, and now we spend lots of time bantering about coding like he's going to wallop a product over the head like a wooly mammoth and bring it back to my cake to be marketed into something tasty. Just what I needed, world. Fondness for a developer who lives in Greece, is stupidly appealing, one of those arrogant-charming people who make me resent their social skills, and oh yeah the lead devo on the project which is currently two weeks behind and making my boss have conniptions.

In conclusion, wtf. Also, I feel your pain.

Your story? Cracks me up. SO MUCH. I mean, I sympathize (you have no idea how much right no) but yeah. I AM NOT ALONE IN DEVELOPER CRUSHES DURING MAJOR DEADLINES.

OH MY GOD JENN MAKE IT STOOOP. Today the main PM was out of pocket and so I am sitting here trying to sit on my hands and not, you know, banterily chat with him because see also two weeks of slip and counting and then I need to actually talk to him about real useful stuff because oh hey, I know things and this way he isn't going to the VP of engineering (who he later announced he'd found a bunch of bugs to because he mis-IMed when he meant to whine to his co-devo, lol whoops dude) who is frankly not someone I think of as intimidating so much as ridiculous but then again he's also not my boss...

Anyway, I think he might have declared his intent to court me in a courtly love sense? Or something? Because he definitely was making noises about fighting Awesomest Coworker for the privilege of being the one who brings me food offerings, despite Awesomest Coworker bringing me said food so I could continue to hold his hand over IM/the phone, the big baby, the part where Awesomest Coworker is a former SAS BAMF with biceps the size of my calves (and oh hey, like the most amazing part of my job), and the part where he is in, oh yes, GREECE at the BEACH and not bringing me froyo for my pain and suffering even a little bit, and sent me this to illustrate it (he specified panel 3 and then 5 when I was eating on the phone (wtf a girl's got needs and I was getting too hungry to tell when he was trolling me - which, apparently yes for 99.999% of the time but not when he complimented my voice NO SERIOUSLY WHAT THE SHIT). Eventually he declared that Awesomest Coworker could live since he just got married last Monday. And then he left to go swim some more, because he is a nasty human being with the Mediterranean in his back yard and I am ruining his time at the beach house by making him work all weekend. Or something.

In conclusion, I loathe him. And his stupid... everything.

Deadlines rot the brain, I'll swear to it.

Edited at 2013-08-23 12:45 am (UTC)

Also this job is apparently not interested in my attempts at sapphic whatever. There are not one but now several men who are like redefining what I want in a relationship.


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