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For no reason, I suddenly hated my tag organization in DW, so that's been kind of changed around. I wish I could say there was logic and thought put into this, but can't lie, I was bored and they suddenly offended my aesthetics. No idea why. Now they flagrantly don't match LJ instead of kind of not matching.


Music shopping, random style.

I'm waiting to hit the phase of my life where All the Music These Days Suck For [Reasons] and When I Was Younger [Something Here] but let's keep in mind my initial exposure to popular music was pre-modern country (majority before 1980s, very old jukebox, and waltzes, people. I listened to waltzes. I can still sing some of them) and the eighties hair bands--I mean, I was already at rock bottom here.

All links to youtube, sometimes official vid, sometimes not.

The Wrong One, One Less Reason, A Guide to Writhing - I was not at all influenced by Te's SV story The Wrong One, but I won't say the song name didn't get my attention because of that. I like this band like a lot--it was half my playlist for War Games, and this isn't necessarily a change of style, but I didn't expect the sound on this one. It worried me about the lack of obsessive possession a third of the way through but luckily, the lyrics relieved me by dipping during the bridge into CREEPY SOFTNESS before hitting my personal idtastic SO VERY OBSESSED HERE THIS ENDS BADLY FOR SOMEONE.

Uneasy, One Less Reason, A Guide to Writhing - this is probably my favorite off this album, and probably the most subtle they've done. The melody is beautiful, and Cris Brown's voice does things to me. It's so sincere and broken, and this song is utterly, utterly heartwrenching.

All Beauty Fades, One Less Reason, A Guide to Writhing - Okay, this is due to hating to buy in even numbers. Sue me. I also think I'll like this one a lot once I listen to it a few times. This happens more than you think.

Alone Together, Fall Out Boy, Save Rock and Roll - I do not willingly admit they actually have a space on at least five of my regular playlists, except I'm doing that now. Also, funny story:

The chorus on this is ridic singable, and it kind of requires you break out in misheard lyrics when the drums hit like the fist of a god with an appreciation of dramatic timing. Now, for the record, in general, I rarely feel any deep need to share music with my coworkers, but for some reason, I was trying to get P to listen and my lead wandered over, and long story short, P hated it, but a small gathering of testers cooped my headphones to listen to Patrick singing "Say yes" with all his little heart, including my duckling and another duckling who both looked utterly enchanted there was a discography to explore. I honest to God have no idea what they'll make of From Under the Cork Tree, but dude, I gotta find out.

Actual conversation:
Lead: So they're on tour now?
Me: Yes. *opens conveniently bookmarked website* In Texas, even.
Lead: My niece...
Me: No excuse needed, promise.
Lead: *looks relieved* Email me their site?

Pieces, Red, End of Silence - Blame that damn Adventure Time vid. It just sticks with me forever.

Midnight City, M83, Remix EP - the weird part is, I wouldn't have remembered this was the song I was looking for if it wasn't for teh sheer WTF of teh album cover. Helped so much. I swear there's this vague Depeche Mode resemblance in the voices, or maybe Placebo. IDK.

Stay, Rihanna, Unapologetic - I love Rihanna's voice so much it hurts, and this song just--I repeat-one on it more than I can actually explain with words.

Just Give Me a Reason, Pink, The Truth About Love - I love Pink. Plus, highly catchy.

I am one with my total enslavement to the music industry. I'm okay with that. You try freshman year at a liberal arts school and living in Austin, home of SXSW; I spent more weekends than I will ever admit getting quietly drunk while listening to people with mostly tuned guitars wail in tiny live clubs while visibly stoned or, much worse, straight-edging to the point that dropping acid in front of them was like, a life's dream. Every lecture on the superiority of Indy music and sellouts, I want to sign my check over to the RIAA for their top one thousand just on principle.

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