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life to date in technology

My new tablet arrived!

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T (name: Castiel Mark II, aka Cas) and it's marvelous, though due to inexplicable fund reduction (ie, God I need to budget better), the keyboard will have to wait until next month and this month it's safely in a leather case I bought for Castiel I.

App Recs

Also, I can play Final Fantasy III which went on sale a month or so ago and I bought (read: sale, why not?) and it would have been worth full price. Saves well, runs well, have had minimal problems (so far) none related to losing my game. And dear God I love touchscreening games like this. Response time is so much faster and easier. I run it on my tablet, but most of the phones from the last six months to a year run it fine (according to reviews) but I'm not sure how well the tiny screen works with that.

Office 2010: Textmaker Mobile - hands down, the best word processing program I've found for Android. Integrates perfectly with Microsoft Word, not only has your bookmarks but in order of location in document not alphabetical (I had to write a Word add-in to get that to happen by default in a pop-up box), and easily loads and holds documents upward of 2MB, including my massive work-related ones.


I cracked the screen of my Samsung G3 phone (Dean). It's weird, for the record, because can't lie, it's been dropped from various heights, dragged various distances, stuck beneath objects, and nothing. However, on Tuesday, I sat my bag down on the ground during my break, it kind of fell over, and my phone slid out onto the concrete. And that's when my screen cracked. From sliding gently out of my bag. IDEK. It's not so terrible I can't ignore it, but it hurts my pride, so currently pricing repair shops. Apparently, I can do it myself at home, but it requires the application of heat to remove the glass and replace it, and I think we all know my relationship with anything involving heat or fire isn't a healthy one. So.

Work is being--work. I actually do want to talk about it, but that's more a long long navelly post than anything and will probably involve sulking in several paragraphs.

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