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because this is my fault in the end

Child finally hit Vampire Diaries, and admittedly, I was curious what he'd make of it. Trufax, I read the books years ago and I liked Stefan and Damon both pretty much equally (Stefan kind of won with green eyes like leaves; I was young and green eyes are still a thing with me, I have no idea why), but the show, true to form, made me vary between liking Stefan and kind of wanting to set him on fire. This is not actually entirely because the show doesn't do good Stefan--it's just they do much, much, much better Damon. Damon does random ass musical numbers; Stefan stares longingly at containers of blood. Stefan does stoic manpain with brief moments of happiness; Damon's high-manic social disorder mainpain murderboy, but it's like, hilarious. Damon's high drama is set to covers of eighties and nineties bands; I mean, how can you not love this just on spec.

Child loathes Stefan. He can do no right. There's this inner rage that I haven't witnessed since the days of Due South Kowalski dislike before he got over it. And for the life of me, I can't figure out where he got it from. I was forcedfed all of season one I missed and part of season two and I'm telling you, I don't know what crime Stefan has committed in Child's eyes and asking gets me this look. And the thing is, I'm a fangirl. I know how to hate a character and cherry pick my rage here, but all I got is Stefan may be too boring in his angst, which doesn't really work in context of Child's chilling hatred.

It's like staring into the abyss and recognizing yourself, really. You with an active tumblr account at an early age and a distinct inability to rationalize your hatred properly before expressing it. I feel I missed something in his education; maybe I should send him to my Smallville reviews for a primer on how to hate with canonical evidence?

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