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this is legit research

This is random, yet I'm supposed to be working on something for work, so of course I'm surfing wikipedia.

Recreational Use of Destromethorphan

In college, me and my boyfriend and our shared BFF (note: dating one's best friend is far less complicated and disastrous than dating your BFF's other BFF) got back from Christmas break where BF's brother told him all about the wonder that is robotripping, and well, at the time, none of us knew any dealers so Wal-Mart Is My Dealer was a thing. However, today, I ran across this, which told me exactly what happened that night. Doing the math as follows:

Eight ounce bottle/2 = 240 mg/61.235kg = 3.919327, or Plateau 2

Which is almost stunningly accurate in how I never could quite articulate what the hell that felt like, but that'd be pretty much all of it. Also adding as that's not here, it also had the added benefit of making it utterly impossible to go to sleep no matter how tired you are, and throwing up is like a magical thing where you're kind of fascinated by the entire bodily function experience. Which to be fair, was on purpose on my part; one of the many reasons I still take short-action ritalin instead of the extended dose is I have zero interest in anything I can't snap out of in less than four hours, and this and my one and a half hit acid trip nine months later made that a rule without end, amen. Which you know, the most effective Don't Do Drugs activity ever is to drop acid when you're claustrophobic while hanging out with an agoraphobic while sitting in a tree--literally. All walls are evil to one of you, all open spaces are terror beyond words to another, everyone's crouched on a tiny side porch of the dorms, and you wake up the next morning for paintball where you can see vapor trails following them reviewing a conversation you're pretty sure you had with leaves. The sheer indignity of it all just stays with you like, forever.

..seriously, plateau sigma is freaky as shit. Psychosis, Jesus.

Yes, I'm avoiding work, fine, but researching my misspent youth is important, okay. For reasons. Child! Wow, I really should have started with that excuse earlier.

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