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you've been dreaming of this since you found out about mummys, admit it

I have dreamed of this moment my entire life.

Ancient Egyptian Statue Caught on Camera Rotating on Its Own.

On the one hand, autorotation by inanimate objects = terrifying. Can they do it on your head?????

(At this speed, though, I kind of think you can get away before you get frictions burns, but I'm saying, what if you're tied down for--a couple of years, I think? With this on your head? Well, one, headache, two, possibly starvation if someone's not feeding you, yeah, this is not a clever murder weapon. It's kind of giving everyone a verrrrrryyyy slow cut direct, though. Cold.)

On the other hand--you get this explains every time you lose your work badge, your glasses, or car keys, right?

I believe.

ETA: Better video. Okay, even slo-mo can be made scary in the dark. Really. Really. Slow-mo.

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