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trailer: 300: rise of an empire

300: Rise of an Empire - THE TRAILER!

This post is related to my post, 300: rise of an empire - i try not to hope too much because seriously, awesome.

Going in:

1.) everyone will be pleased to know that shirts do not dishonor the wondrous chests and offend our eyes by hiding them in their muscular glory. And everyone still wears kilts. Because the gods back then were very awesome and give us nice things. Some have now added decorative leather straps. What the hell are they trying to do to me here.
2.) Xerxes codpiece. Also, Xerxes jewelry is--okay, personal confession; I love the look and could happily watch Xerxes towering above everyone and looking wrathful for like, two movies. Maybe three. Also, and this didn't occur to me before; is he supposed to be an actual god on earth and not just in his own (truly attractive) head and among his people? Because just gonna note; rising out of the water like that? I could be converted.
3.) Artemisia? Is gonna cut all the bitches. Her navy can of course take notes; they'll need them later.
4.) Greek horses do not know they can't walk on water and are offended when water disagrees with them. And then walk on it anyway. I want one of those horses.

...I'm sure there's a plot? Whatever. Soothe yourself with the running and jumping. There's a lot of running and jumping. And Artemisia's relationship with her bow and sword.

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