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family related announcement
children of dune - leto 1
Urgh, I missed posting about this earlier, but blame work and uh, life. But!

My newest niece was born on Thursday, weighing in at ten pounds and eleven ounces, is ridic adorable, has more hair than I thought possible, and cheeks so fluffy they almost demand pinching. She is obviously perfect in all ways, sweet beyond the hopes of mortal men, and brings my total number of nieces to three, making a total of four offspring born to my sisters.

Niece Three

In case clarification is needed, this is the sprog of my middle sister, who is married to a very nice man, not my youngest sister and her less stable relationship issues.

Also, randomly, Child dyed his hair purple. As a parent, my greatest disappointment is that he's so very bad at it that there are pink blotches throughout, as all my lectures on the use and abuse of unnatural hair colors have fallen on deaf (and now purple-stained) ears. OTOH, wearing a purple shirt, he's a never ending source of hilarity. So there's that.

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Congrats on the adorable new niece! And why did your son dye his hair purple? Fashion statement? A band? Just to see what you'd say? If it's an act of rebellion, it's a very silly one.....

When my brother was younger and emo and listening to a lot of Blink 182 because it made him feel more "punk rock" (oh god, i still make fun of him over it), he dyed his hair with green bingo dabber fluid. Just broke open the bottle pen thing and threw it on his hair, dousing my mother's hard wood floors in the process. We all kind of laugh about it now, but I'm pretty sure my mom had to talk herself out of poisoning all of his meals for, like, months afterwards.

Congratulations! She's absolutely adorable.

Tiny squishy human! Purple hair! !

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