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because it is bitter, and because it is my heart.


If you wanted to know my search terms in that much, dude, just ask:

1.) minotaur, tits, cow, udders - humans submit to gene therapy to become a race of minotaurs but not enough women show up, so some of the males were made cows with unnervingly positive results and some amount of grazing, with a short digression on their secondary stomaches. And udders and orgasm related lactation, of course.

2.) boy, catheter, guiche ring, exercise, enema - guy meets guy. Guy wants to infantalize guy and drugs him, has him declared insane, and makes him wear a diaper and the most traumatically designed catheter ever created. Then there's estrogen shots and lactation. As seems to be a thing.

3.) wonder woman, inflation, gore, green, rubber - I'm pretty sure I block that one out perodically because I don't remember anything about it and have to go look again. I'm also pretty sure I've run out of free concussions before brain damage is an issue, but you gotta do what you gotta do. There was kryptonite lactation, because why the fuck not?

Dude, find your own porn from now on. I do not exist to fulfill your kinky needs. I am doing this for science. I'm not sure which science, but no one likes a doubter of the scientific method.

Adding: each of these represents an entire classic genre, dating back from the days of usenet when we had no ability to google but had to just read the tags and hope they got the anatomy of a human-bull hybrid right, because that just throws me right out of the story and you know how frustrating that is? Our forefathers of alt-sex battled spammers, uncomfortable autobiographical accounts of things that should never be written in the first person singular and claimed as a true story, and vanilla missionary sex with two consenting opposite-sex adults after marriage to get where we are today, and look at where we are. PRISM, you have made our wholesome and totally above reproach search for human-minotaur rubber wonder woman genderswitch lactation porn feel dirty. Thanks a fucking lot.


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