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my non-productive time is kind of always
children of dune - leto 1
Apparently This Matters: The worst time of day for work
(CNN) -- A lot of people don't know this, but for every 30 minutes of legitimate work, all employees must be allowed one full hour of Internet cat videos.

People who don't know that the internet at work is for cat macros need to understand: they block porn and gaming websites. It could be argued--and be totally wrong, but hey, let's see who contradicts me--that macros were a socially-progressive, dynamically charged form of civil rebellion against the corporate fat cats--(is it backshadowing if I use this after the mention of the cat macros?)--in the pay of the Illuminati who control the government and want to deny us the god-given right to stare at the beauty of the human form au naturale because society, economy, morals, communism, reasons.

(Later, we added DYI demotivational macros, because if we're gonna be at work anyway, it's not like we had much motivation to lose, and it combines surprisingly well with cats.)

And that's how Tumblr was born. All because of cat macros and server-level software that reported on us if we tried to disable it on our work computers.

This has been a True History of cat macros. And Tumblr.

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