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okay, question about the paid fanfic thing with amazon

Okay, this is because a.) exhaustion and b.) lack of sleep, so paranoia is probably rampant at the moment.

Amazon Worlds, earlier post about it here.

Again, my defense is paranoia:

I figured out what was bothering me as a writer about this.

Okay, assuming this takes off and paid fanfiction is a thing; would that be grounds to start C&Ding free fanfiction on the net? The thing is, right now, the original media is not in competition with free fanfic, and they also aren't losing money because there is no paid equivalent. However, with the advent of paid fanfiction--that they get money from as well--free fanfiction would be considered competition.

Anyone legal or economic or philosophically inclined have any kind of odds on it becoming worth the effort to C&D free fanfiction since it would actually be direction competition and because money theoretically is being lost for every fic that is downloaded for free from AO3?

The thing is, while the original media doesn't make money off this, neither do fanfic writers. Now they have a way to make money off fanfic, will AO3 be the textual equivalent of Pirate's Bay in the future?

Yes, paranoia. It's been a hell of a week.

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