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amazon wants to sell your fanfic

Kindle Worlds for Authors

You know, I'm actually not sure how I feel about this in specific.

Link Roundups

Tis the End Times by [personal profile] morgandawn

Another corporate attempt to corral and profit from fanfic? by [personal profile] ithiliana

I'm warily working my way through the links so far, and I would probably be doing a lot better at the pros/cons bit if I hadn't had really intense meeting today about the new build at work.

Kindle Worlds by [personal profile] flourish - I like her breakdown a lot.

Seriously, Is This Happening?

Weirdly enough, approaching this from a reader standpoint, I seriously love beyond words this. I can pay my favorite authors for my favorite fic. This is like a dream come true. I mean, the ones without offensive porn, incest, or violence (per observation by [personal profile] coffeeandink) which are usually my favorites. I'm assuming A/B/O Sam/Dean SPN fic isn't going to be widely available there, is what I'm saying.

As a writer--I don't think I've written anything without two of the three above (three of three on a good day). And--okay, I'm not sure how I feel about pay-only access, either, if it can't be archived (which this going to Amazon's copyright ownership terms, that would be a no).

This would happen a week before a major deployment at work. Jesus, the timing.

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