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the teapot of your work dreams
children of dune - leto 1
Oh, for people who need teapots, especially for work:

Adagio Teas teapot - it holds plenty of tea, it is ridic easy to wash, and it's infinitely storeable. Only warning--when full, pour very carefully at first, I have no idea why, but it will leak a tiny bit. I've been using it at work for about a month and it's kind of perfect, but it does get hot, especially the lid, so I use a pencil to maneuver it off to remove the tea when it's done seeping.

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I love that pot! I am on my second one. (It does bounce a few times, but eventually it will break if you take to dropping your glass measuring cups on top of this tea pot. Yes, I have a lot of falling cookware.)

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