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star trek into darkness - the continuing anticipation
children of dune - leto 1
Every time I think that I've become rational about Trek, I am immediately proven wrong--one might say there's some kind of alien intelligence plotting against me in my brief moments of calm. Most recently, I wandered into Gamestop for two games for me and a headset for Child and you'd think I'd be safe, but no. No, they had the trailer playing behind the counter, and me and one of the guys working there immediately collapsed into what can only be called squee, at length, while we both cursed the vagaries of fate that it wasn't May seventeenth already because holy shit, how were we going to survive?

Star Trek: Into Darkness, Trailer #3, American version, International version.

Also, the We won't fit clip of joy forever.

Less than two weeks. I can do this.

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11 more days...I think I can wait that long.

Your flailing makes me flail!


man o man I'z gettin' excite!!

not to mention, very happy cos even tho' our local theatre finally got 3D, they are also showing in 2D so I can avoid the Migraine From Hell!

(also I agree with you completely, how the fucking fuck are we s'pozed to survive the wait??)

I am pretty happy about Trek. There's a majestic old movie palace down the road from me that an acquaintance in herited and restored a few years ago and that's where I saw the Reboot with my Pop. This one and the last one are/were due right around his birthday and since he was the original Star Trek fan in our home, I have literally gone to every Star Trek film with him for his birthday since, like, 1978.

Last time was particularly special since we got to see it somewhere so magical- up in the fancy balcony, too. Also since he's been watching Sherlock and was okay with the Reboot, I expect to see more than a little fangirling out of the old man. He's been surprising me the last couple of years by getting into stuff. I was sure he'd be all curmudgeonly about new adaptations to ST and Sherlock. And you should see the guy when you bring up Downton Abby. OMG. I definitely get my nerd genes from his side of the family.

Waiting for this movie has proven that it actually is possible to just get used to a near constant state of heart palpitations.

We get general release Thursday, 9th May in the UK. Several places are doing the Wednesday midnight screening, but I can't get the time off work on the Thursday, so I'll have to wait until the weekend. I hate being adult about these things.

I've seen it last night and it's as good as the trailers make it seem. I won't say any more to avoid spoilers.

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