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The Toybox

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yeah, me either
children of dune - leto 1
...somehow, I have ended up in the Experimental Cat Breeds category of Wikipedia. Honest to God, I have no idea how I ended up here, and I can only partially blame [personal profile] scy for her talk on her cats, because I was already reading about the Cat Genome Project and am now staring at the cat that steals souls with its steely glare. I'm saying, when you look into the abyss, the Ukrainian Levkoy is looking back.

I don't even own a cat. And yet, suddenly, I deeply want one that two generations back would be very likely to attempt to a.) eat me or b.) consider eating me if I were somewhat smaller and so would simply maul me like a lot.

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You should TOTALLY get one! Sure, when they grow up they're the uncanny valley, but when they're kittens they're this. Awwwwwwww.

Uncanny valley by way of alien invasion.

there will be one problem, though. like the Scottish Fold, there is a genetic defect in cartilage formation, which is why the floppy ears and not-as-elastic as normal skin. It means as they age, there is progressive damage in all the joints esp. the legs. Many Scottish Folds end up with bad arthritis. as it is the breeders have to breed one fold-ear with one-straight ear (like Manxes, both kinds are born in one litter), as the offspring of two fold-ears often have to be euthanized when they can no longer walk -- at anywhere from 18 months to 5 or 6 years. *makes sad face*

the breeders will tell you this is not the case. The scientific literature, however, is brutally honest.

which sucks, cos they're gorgeous and spooky and I'd love to get me one -- but no.

You don't need to go two generations back for a cat that will eat you. Just fall getting out of the tub and miss a feeding time.

...you are wise. There is that.

I love my cats, but I harbour no illusions about my flesh as a viable source of snackage.

as Hobbes once told Calvin -- never mind. humans are a very important source of protein. XDD

Part of a balanced diet! They're grrrrrrrrrreat!


Savannahs! Cross between domestic cat and the wild Serval.

See icon. Will not eat, but will maul. Will also sit on chest to demand feeding, and going from deep sleep to sudden! five kilos of Maine Coon! is an experience.

All cats steal souls. It's a thing.

Bengals! From the Asian leopard cats. Gorgeous, hypoallergenic if you are allergic to cat dander (still out of luck if you are allergic to cat saliva), love water (mine likes to shower with me), come when called by name, and can be taught to walk on a leash, lol! See my boy Ronon in my icon.

Bengals. Accidentally adopted one. Coolest cat ever. But evil witch roommate spoiled/fed/bribed him to her side while I actually left the house. Would totally adopt another one. Just hope otmwnt scare the cleaning lady like the the First Bengal did

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