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rewatching supernatural....
children of dune - leto 1
Uncomfortable realization: I become more deeply sympathetic to Crowley in proportion to the amount of facial hair he's sporting in any given episode. It's this entire combination of accent and scruffiness that's doing something terribly unhealthy to me, symptoms of which may or may not include thinking Kevin's being really, really mean about not just telling Crowley what he wants to know.

I feel the entire cast should have a no-shaving episode so as to evaluate how I would react to them. By that I mean, I wouldn't survive. Purgatory flashbacks alone are watch with caution--Castiel manages to pull off filthy like showers should be banned.

This has been a message from my libido, which currently is really confused, since before now, I can honestly state none of my kinks included less than minimum hygiene requirements. Goddamn television.

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Dang, never start watching Game of Thrones then, your ovaries might explode. :-)

I don't even like that look all that much. And yet.

Castiel manages to pull off filthy like showers should be banned.

LOL. Yup. Whoever invented that razor that leaves stubble on men's faces is a genius.

God yes.

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