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So for two weeks I've been on twelve hour days and Saturdays for the build that they decided on Friday will be delayed until June. On one hand, I love my work and I love my Duckling and I love all the other ducklings and I love seeing their progress. On another--two weeks averaging around sixty-five hours each week, and I'm tired. On the third--assuming I had tentacles--the new testers are amazing and I don't regret that they came to me for help and I was able to give it to them and get to know them, so I'd have done it even if I'd known there was a delay.

Why Animation Has Betrayed Me

The Story of Simon Petrikov by mydeathstartsnow, Adventure Time - see, I watched this show casually and without commitment of any kind--honestly, I didn't even realize I watched it enough to be affected--and yet. Fuck Adventure Time. I knew it watching it was pretty much the equivalent of living in someone's brain during a particularly surreal four-hit acid trip, but dude, I Remember You was not fair.

This is still, not live action, and at least three quarters fanart, which probably is what makes it amazing, since as a rule I don't like still vids, and yet--the multiple styles and types work as well as action does, switching between scenes and emotions the way live action simply can't, not usually, and goddamn heartbreaking. I'm pretty sure the storyline is pretty clear even without a lot of knowledge of the show, but mostly, I love the use of fanart in this one. I've seen it done before, but using it not only to carry a storyline, but switching stye and type from chibi to manga to convey the emotion like this is not usually this powerfully done.

Though I am perfectly willing to be proved wrong if anyone has recs of it. For me, I need a gateway vid to get into any particular style, and this one seems to have done it.

Also, fuck Adventure Time. I was fine with feeling like I was having acid flashbacks from certain points in my college career at random. Now this. Goddamnit.

Other News

Currently re-reading the complete Anne of Green Gables, including The Blythes are Quoted - Montgomery's last works before her death, and I'll say honestly, some of them are among her best. I was afraid something would spoil the Blythes for me--HAPPY ENDING OKAY--but no, never, and the new short stories were interesting and among her most polished work.

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