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history repeats itself

Totally random observation while uploading fic to AO3 today.

Instinct, X-Men, Logan/Rogue, Post Date: 2/4/2001

Story of a Girl, Stargate: Atlantis, John (female)/Rodney, Post Date: 8/28/2007

Six year difference, two different pov (first person, third person), and yet, same framing device (giving birth), with the history in between, and accidental pregnancy, though both I used vaguely canonical reasoning for it. I will give myself this one, Rodney and Joan were actually married beforehand.

I am so weirded out by this. I mean, usually when I do this, I know about it, but this one hit me from nowhere, and from what I can tell circa 2007, I had no idea I'd used this device before either, and I don't personally remember being aware of it. I mean, not the framing part, that I do a lot, but the using childbirth as the frame, that's kind of--something.

This has been an update from my subconscious. I mean, the only other pregnancy I wrote was mpreg, Dealing with the Unexpected, and that was more, you know, humor and the hilarity of Clark, which for reasons that are probably obvious (avoiding the entire giving birth in any kind of detail). Three stories that involve the characters sprogging--maybe there are others? I'll need to check my entire back catalogue on that one--and two use the same exact device in frame and backstory. And I didn't even notice.

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