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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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amused all over the place
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, my spam is now dangling controlled, legal with prescription narcotics in front of me. Hmm. This could be tempting.

No. No. But hmm.

*sigh* So they *finally* figure out my weakness. Bastards. God, I itch. I'ts like having chicken pox, but withotu teh welts, which right, is an improvement. But still.

Girl came into the office wearing a Quakecon 2003 (2002?) shirt. Look at me grin stupidly and not say anything, but whisper "fellow geek" while doing her paperwork.

At least, I hope it means that. Do cons have t-shirts in general?


Oh, this inspires me *so* much. Recently in my inbox.

When the heck are you going to finish it?

*grins* Just hits you *right* where the muse is, don't it?

Random Notes of Love

velena, because she is *so* cool and writes *so* pretty. lyra_sena because, like I said, if you just beg enough, you really *can* get what you want.

*loves them both* They get my kidneys. Well, one of them, anyway.


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Do cons have t-shirts in general?

Every con I've ever been to has had an official t-shirt, made up in advance and sold at the event. Even the 30-member XF fanfic writers conference I went to once. I usually go to bigger cons with pro author guests, and they've all got shirts...

The smaller cons generally have T-shirts, too. And bags. And sometimes mugs. They generally sell these as a fundraser since memberships alone often don't cover the entire costs of the con. They also raise money by taking a percentage on the art sales.

I generally go to the smaller fan run cons, usually slash cons. I just got back from Zebra-con in Chicago - it was fun. More of a 'relaxicon' than a panel and activity con like Media West or Connexions. Everyone sat around and chatted and watched vids and traded writing ideas, etc. etc. etc. *g*

Anyway - they had totebags, and T-shirts. So if she was wearing a con shirt most likely she ahd been or had a friends that had gone and gotten it for her.

So why are you itching?

And you know, the feedback thing - LOL yeah, demands to finish always drive me... in the other direction.


They get my kidneys. Well, one of them, anyway.

I'm trying to fathom what one does with half a kidney.

Well. I know what I would be doing with it, but anybody else? I'm just stumped.

Many cons do have shirts; I have Worldcon shirts from various places, including Glasgow, and Eclecticon shirts going back two or three years. I also have...well, way too many to count.

So yes.

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