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how to fall in love forever (or until you realize they genuinely love facebook)

From Cracked: The 6 Most Impressively Nerdy Marriage Proposals

For the record, I am not only uninterested in marrying anyone, ever, I don't even remember my last relationship, but should a random internet stranger do any of these, honest to God the sheer fanglee would possibly end with me surfacing a year later engaged in legally-defined monogamous cohabitation wondering if signing Seperis is legally binding and if I feel committed enough to ask what their actual RL name is and maybe give them mine (I assume we exchanged usernames during the vows?). I also assume I would at least be sane enough to ask for a google history of their most commonly used pseudonyms, a tumblr tag search, and which name they answer to in the prenup. I mean, how does one carry on a healthy marriage without being able to text and/or msg your significant other under their preferred username?

The last part worries me. A working arc reactor might make me forget to double check their usenet activities, which could end tragically for everyone involved. God. What if they were bronies? They might be bronies right now! Google would show that, right?

ETA: Fandom_Wank - Brony Convention Las Pegasus Unicon Beset By Strangely Predictable Or Even What What Might Call Inevitable Tragedy - keyword here: money.

Adding: Extremely informative breakdown of events in googledoc form here with a link to a breakdown of the finances. Uh, wow.

And also, a quote from JF comments that explains everything ever.
I just cannot even. Is there some secret fucking order of these people? People with weird employment histories who find gullible fandoms and fleece them mightily? - jkefka

Okay, why did no one realize this before? Of course there's an order; this is fandom. We have a community for everything.

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