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come one, come all, it's the tenth anniversary of fandom_wank!

For the enjoyment of the masses:

MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Fandom_wank Tenth Anniverary! and within that post--dear God, it's like Christmas--is a list with links of the greatest wankers of all time.

We are talking horsefucker (his wife? a horse.), MsScribe, the Second Life dude with his unnatural feelings regarding his My Little Ponies, CrystalWank (pastede on yay!), Snapewives, LaptopGate, and frosting/icing wank, amongst many. With. Links.

It's all the magic you can handle. Some of it in the form of chaptered novels.

Staring into the abyss has never looked so good, and better, the laughter echoes.

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