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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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who is in charge of naming things anyway?
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, it's not called Protect the Plastic Bag.


Because dude, it is not Texas if we can't make it sound like this can and will involve something not unlike the Alamo and rugged individualists with steely gazes, patriotic hearts beating passionately beneath their man-quiet exteriors. I have to admit, however, his courage in willingly donning that shade of yellow tie to say this speaks volumes, though the language being spoken eludes me.

So this is gonna be fun. The contrariness, it stirs.

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Man, I miss the Austin crazy. I love living in New York, don't get me wrong, but people in the Northeast just DO NOT GET Austin's particular brand of batshit insanity. Since I grew up in it, that is sometimes a problem. I need to call my sister and ask which side of the Shopping Bag Alamo she comes down on.

I'm trying to work out a catchphrase here on par with "Remember the Alamo". "Free bags in a free country!" maybe?

I think his capper, about the salt, is a jab at Mike Bloomberg here in New York. Mayor Mike really likes national attention, but his last crusade, urban energy efficiency, was upsetting to local real estate interests so he dropped it a few days after his most recent reelection. He's since turned to, among other things, banning excessive sodium - although not in public school lunches - as his new cause.

This has had very little real-world impact, except for his bizarre decision not to allow food donations to homeless shelters for fear that the donated food might not have optimal sodium levels. It has gotten him lots of publicity, and upset people who say "nanny state" (I'm guessing the gentleman from Muenster is one of those).

We confidently expect that Bloomberg will be appointed President shortly on the strength of all this, where by "we" I mean "people Mike Bloomberg pays to get Mike Bloomberg appointed President."

This is the light bulb craziness all over again. That one was courtesy of my former crazy representative. I haven't heard anything from my new crazy representative. Gotta love Texas and its freedoms.

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