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psa: the return of andy blake/thanfiction

For those not on tumblr or didn't have this reblogged:

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On Clarivoyant Wank and Wank Report
Flutiebear on Tumblr: A Con Artist in Our Midst

Andy Blake AKA Thanfiction, AKA Amy Player AKA Victoria Bitter AKA Jordan Wood, is following his usual script in SPN fandom (Huh), Dean/Castiel (not a surprise, if you think about it), and I think we all know how this story will end, as it has been written multiple times.

On Fanlore: Victoria Bitter and Andrew Blake/Thanfiction

The regular warnings--do not engage, do not believe, and for the love of everything holy, do not send him money.

ETA: I apologize for not adding clarification:

Andy Blake identifies as male, so he/him are the appropriate pronouns to use. Disrespecting his gender identity or characterising it as part of his mental issues is very damaging and harmful to other people who identify and present differently than their birth assigned sex.

Please use the correct pronouns.

(thanks to [personal profile] niqaeli for phrasing of above.)

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