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tv: american horror story - first season

So finished American Horror Story Season One last night. I can honestly state that this managed to surprise me. Like a lot. I can kind of see how really hardcore horror fans would not get what I got out of it, but it's possibly the most original take on a haunted house I have ever seen.


Here is a really interesting and weird idea when it comes to haunted houses that I don't see very often, especially like this. The only thing weird about this house--which is pretty damn weird--is it apparently holds people on this plane instead of letting them to into Wherever. I mean, I'm kind of convinced that is its only superpower, and I'm not even--entirely--sure it was like that from the beginning. The neat part is that it was never explained, either. It's a perfectly neutral Hotel California with absolutely--and I am willing to take arguments on that if anyone noticed something that was specific to the house itself and could not be done by the ghosts--no intentions whatsoever.

I guess I should have guessed from the name. They call it the Murder House, not the Evil House or The Murdering House or The House of Death--all those imply that the house has some cosmic personality or at least nature--because murder is something people do to each other.

The evil in that house is a really interesting morality play on what you have you bring with you, and it works--I mean, it really works--because nothing in that house happens because the house is doing shit except being a limited afterlife prison; it's more that the inmates run the prison. Which is so goddamn cool because I didn't see that coming, not until I noted the math when it came to the murders. There's one rule; you die there, you stay there. Everything else is kind of up to you. Including, interestingly enough, your physical condition as a ghost.

It could be argued is the show being lazy, except I'm pretty deathly sure it's what they brought with them as they remembered themselves or more, how they thought of themselves. I'm willing to admit it could also be the show wanting attractive leads as well, but I'm just not sure of that, and not just because of Tate and Vivien, and for that matter Ben's surprising lack of rope burn or Hayden's collapsed skull or the lack of a hole in Moira's eye--Moira died in her twenties but she keeps aging and that's gotta be how she sees herself.

This is possibly also the first horror show ever that totally faked me out with a surprisingly happy ending. Like--I have no idea what the hell that was, but I was expecting everything--and I do mean everything--but stillborn baby godparent Moira and clean-up and the goddamn Christmas tree. Like--I mean, what the hell.

More on this later. I'm still absorbing the sheer wtfery.

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