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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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never underestimate....
happy snail
...the power of suggestion.

Justins, plural by out_there

For someone who doesnt' care for QaF and doesn't do boybands--she's totally in the zone of goodficness. Two Justins, one night, and a club. And wow, it's *so good*. Wonderful Justin voice (QaF I mean), and mmm. Yummy. Big smiles. Big, big smiles.

Yes, you should be reading. Seriously, how often do we *get* two exceptional QaFs in a day, hmm?

*humming happily* Read it. Now.

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*beams* Just... okay, it's still just such a wow.

I mean, thanks! I'll be grinning all afternoon.

*hugs Jenn*

God, I wish you wrote more. I'd be in seventh heaven. Don't even *care* what you write, dammit, just want to read it.

*happy and hugs*

*grins and preens and blushes*

I bet you know why I have this big, giddy grin.

*snickers in unending evil happiness*

Youuu will buuuurrrrnnn in eeeternal faaaahhhhrrrr!

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