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This is venting.

After reading the Free Food Restaurant meta--context at FF_A since the original meta post at AO3 was deleted and replaced with an orphan account I can't find the link for--I:

1.) rediscovered the power of a secondhand embarrassment squick. I did not know anything could make me twitch that hard for someone than reading that meta.
2.) realized I have probably passed the point where if I flounced, I could do it in any way that could possibly qualify as original. Which is, honestly, a little depressing to consider.
3.) wonder just how well this entire adding meta to AO3 thing is going to work when there is not a system of forced categorization so when searching for fic, meta does not display. Since that is currently happening right now. As in, Free Food Restaurant is showing up under two fandoms and no meta tag in sight. Of course, I'm still hoping for the magical day I can filter out crossovers without giving myself an aneurysm doing a complicated tag thing that only works about half the time.

I mean, if this is going to be an honor system thing like labeling crossovers or hell, labeling pairings correctly--which I am completely shocked to report people don't do that all the time--this is very quickly going to be a problem. Unless we are implementing a way to require that before huge amounts of meta posting start? Which does not seem to be the case.

I don't want to knock AO3 here or anything, since this was obviously the result of a lot of thinking on the subject and everything, but I have yet to think of a good reason, an actual good reason not just a why-not reason, why meta, which is not even by a stretch of imagination quite beyond anyone living labor under the legal problems that fanfic does, should be included with fanworks--that being fanfic, vids, and any form of art--needs so desperately to be included in a fanworks archive. I am willing to stretch and say I consider it a non-fictional creative work--because well, it is--but couldn't it have it's own non-fictional creative work archive? A meta archive, you might say. Separate from the fic. Which in general, the archive was created to house? Just a thought.

Because in general, when I am in a reading fic mood, I am not technically interested in meta, and when sorting through a few hundred thousand fics to try to find non-crossover fandom of my choice with my pairing or pairings--which already requires me to start considering a blood sacrifice to shorten the process of horror--I now will have to watch for snowflake's feelings on a pairing not being labeled as meta.

Spoken as someone who is really not okay with the nightmare of having to figure out how run exclusion strings with not only crossovers, but every single pairing I don't like and now meta may need to be added, assuming the writer bothers to label it. That doesn't always work.

AO3 Announces Meta Allowed in Archive - link to AO3's announcement page

In case anyone wonders if the addition of meta has a plan on how it will be handled:
Just as art, podfic and video can currently be found on the AO3, so can meta. The difference, of course, is that the AO3's current infrastructure already supports the direct hosting of meta in text form, so its continuation on the archive has been more a question of policy than ability. This does not mean that there won't be technical issues involved, particularly when it comes to users' desire to filter their search results to find or exclude it. We don't currently have a time estimate from our AD&T committee (which runs the AO3) on how quickly a solution can be created to address that. -- Admin-claudia in comments, AO3


Free Food Restaurant - AO3 meta. Okay, it's hilarious, stupid, and lists two fandoms without any meta tags whatsoever. And also, again, hilarious. Free food, y'all. Fic is like free food, but not in a clever way like hummus. (THANKS [personal profile] cathexys!)

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