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reading: american gods

Finally, finally reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It's been on my reading list for years, but I'm running into the same problem I did when I finally read Good Omens.

I really do not care about Shadow all that much. Everyone else is fascinating, and I'd rather be spending pretty much all my reading time with anyone else. OTOH, his style is amazing, and it's kind of what keeps me going.

This is probably not actually Gaiman's fault. This particular type of male protagonist just doesn't do much for me, mostly because--and I get at least in-text why he's like this, I think, and it makes sense--there's taking with equanimity what the universe throws at you and then there's whatever the hell he's doing. I'm not saying he needs to be genre-savvy, but there's not being genre-savvy, which is meta, granted, and then there's not being entirely sapient, which is now a serious question.

Also, not helping, right now they're talking about delicious food and it's almost lunch and none of this is an option today, dammit.

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