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this isn't actually about peyton gin road, but it does bother me

I finally had one of those idiom snap points one gets when one hits both fanfic and published novels using the same one wrong in three days of reading (my new ereader is probably to blame for this: I get to read all the books without a breather, and it never ends well when one jumps from fanfic to profic to Jane Austen to, do not judge, Anne Bishop in a single day. Though funny, can't lie).

Making do not making due or God help us, making dew (though the third one at least is kind of hilariously adorable--what kind of dew are they making?) - the thing is, it must be invisible to me usually or something, because I've read it in either three or four fics (and a couple of profics) in the last few days with the 'due' spelling, and odds say it apparently shows up a lot if I can get a three to four fic random sampler in four days.

OTOH, it's more a spelling than a meaning issue I assume; if you've only heard it and not seen it written enough, 'due' looks better than 'do', which is a legit criticism since it's the reason I spell grey with an 'e' instead of with an 'a' (and why a street nearby was changed to Payton when it used to be Peyton and I still spell it Peyton because fuck Payton, that just looks ridic and come on, it's been fifty something years with the 'e', why an 'a' now? IDGI).

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